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The girl in tight shoe

I am a read-holic. Yes , you read that right, read-holic. If you give me a book , warm comfy bed and a steaming cup of hot chocolate , i probably would not move an inch till i finish the whole book. I got addicted to books from the time my grandpa used to get me a new book everyday and challenge me to finish the whole thing in one day. That gave me all the motivation to start reading. Now, i am the proud owner of a bookcase full of books that is too much to count.

But here’s is the thing , i am the only one among my friends that has this fascination with books. It seems that everyone is more into movies and video-games nowadays. According to a poll made by Associated Press-Ipsos , 1 in 4 people read no books. Yup , that mean 25% of…

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